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Leadership Moments as Inspiration

It is very easy for us to look up to inspirational leaders to aspire to, but we quite like to look at leadership moments, rather than individual leaders. Everyone is flawed by nature, and we don’t always get it right all of the time. There are some fantastic famous leaders, who have done some fantastic things, but may also have made some mistakes as well, that are not so inspiring. It’s far easier to look at great moments of leadership and the contributions people make at a particular time, in a particular situation.

Say YES to leading with Confidence

One of the things we talk about is our YES model, which is all about saying yes to leadership, and leading with confidence.

Y = You – the individual, who you are and where you are in their leadership journey

E= Everyone Else – the people around you

S= Situation – the situation you are in

Sometimes the whole thing comes together, and it works. A really good example of this is when Leicester City won the English Premiership in 2016, which was an amazing achievement and unexpected, after almost being relegated the year before. But in that moment, things all came together. The group of players were ready and raring to go, the manager Claudio Ranieri had experience and was the right person for the moment. When all of these aspects align, great things can happen.

And it is the same for us all. If you as an individual are ready, willing and able, and are able to engage and positively influence the people you have around you, you will be in a good position to deal with the challenges you are faced with, in a variety of different contexts.

Our courses take this approach, focusing on individual leadership journeys and the skills you need in order to progress your leadership skills in your particular situation. The skills that you will acquire by taking on a leadership course will enable you to confidently deal with different scenarios that occur in business settings, giving you tangible tools as well as practical ideas as you venture on your journey.

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