Employability Skills

When you think about putting yourself forward for a new job role, what are the first things you consider? Being qualified and having demonstrable experience in a similar role or industry (depending on what type of job you are going for) are of course big considerations, but what about other skills that are transferable to different roles. When employees are looking to recruit for a position, there are certain skills that most will consider highly on their list when considering the applicants.

Attitudes and Behaviours are Important

Attitudes and behaviours are attributes and personality traits that we develop in all aspects of our lives, that demonstrate that you are able to effectively carry out your role. Someone who is applying for the same role as you may tick all the boxes qualification-wise. However, if you are able to show that you have additional skills, such as good communication, business awareness, planning, teamwork, self-management, creativity and initiative, it may be the factor that secures that new role for you. Sometimes demonstrating these skills is the secret to your success.

Leadership at the Core

We place leadership at the start and right to the very core of employability skills, with the following seven skills surrounding it.

CommunicationThe ability to engage with others and get your message across.

Business AwarenessUnderstanding the things that help your organisation succeed.

PlanningManaging resources and setting priorities to achieve goals.

TeamworkCooperating, sharing and contributing to the collective effort.

Self-managementManaging your effectiveness, being resilient and assertive.

CreativityBeing curious, generating ideas and exploring ways to improve things.

InitiativeProactively assessing and addressing challenges.

Developing and demonstrating these skills will help you to grow and succeed as a leader and put you in a positive position when navigating your career journey.

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