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Become a better listener.

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Ever found yourself thinking I really need to listen more carefully? Want to get more from your time with customers and colleagues or friends and family? Then this is the course for you.

Listening is a skill for life and work, essential for leaders and managers. Through listening we share ideas, influence others and cooperate. By showing others we are listening we earn their trust and show respect.

Like any other skill, we can get better with an understanding of what works well and the experience and good practice of others.

LISTENING Skills Programme Outline
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Our online course is a blend of video content, self-reflection and action planning.

 Better listening starts with the recognition that it should not be passive. On our Listening up! course we explore listening and how to listen actively.

 The focus is on practical things you can do to become a better listener on your leadership journey.

Topics covered include:

The fundamentals of hearing and listening 

How you measure up 

The power of active listening 

Tips to help you listen actively.

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