Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

What you need to know…

Includes a session with a presentation coach.

Flexible learning with workbook exercises. 

Would you like to engage your audience confidently? Want more impact when you speak at team meetings? Or prepare for an important event coming up?

Presentation is a skill for life and work, one that is essential for leaders and managers. Conferences, team meetings, customer presentations or outside of work at social events. Or just to say thank you to someone special. You want the audience to remember your message and you want to make an impression.

On our Presentation skills course you will learn from others, get feedback on how you perform, and we will give you tools and tips to present and speak confidently. Get new ideas on how to structure your story for balance and to make it easy for your audience to follow. Explore too how to lift your message off the page, in a way that will engage your audience for an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Presentation Skills Course unwrapped

About our presentation skills course

Our online course is a blend of video content, exercises and self-reflection. The focus is on practical things you can do to succeed and make an impact on your leadership journey.

There’s an opportunity to practise and get feedback from a Coach. Prepare a presentation and book a one-to-one meeting online to review it together, explore your strengths and any areas for development.

Topics covered include:

The essentials of purpose, preparation and presence.

Knowing your audience.

Creating content for ease of understanding and impact. 

Achieving presence and audience connection.

 Using nerves positively. 

Handling questions.

The course includes a one-to-one online meeting with a Coach.

Presentation Skills Course Topics

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