Say ‘YES’ to leading with CONFIDENCE

It can feel overwhelming walking into a new challenge. At Learn Love Look Ahead, we focus on three key aspects that we believe affect the outcome of a leadership situation. These aspects fit together like a little like a jigsaw puzzle, with three pieces. Let us explain.

The Jigsaw Puzzle of ‘YES’
You – being ready, willing and able
Everyone else – Engagement and influence
Situation – Content and challenge

By getting involved in one of our courses, you will be showing that you are ready, willing and able to make positive advances in your skills and in turn, your careers. We will help you be ready, willing and able to lead, engage and influence others around you and to take on challenges with confidence.
The skills that you will acquire will enable you to confidently deal with different scenarios that occur in business settings, giving you tangible tools as well as practical ideas (not just theory) as you venture on your journey.
We understand that everyone is unique and on their own journeys, which is why we offer three core programmes, so that whatever road you are on, there is a course suitable for you, to help you get to where you want to be.
Whether you are ready to step forward, step up or step change, our Explore, Navigate and Pioneer courses will enable you to delve into a variety of content online, wherever you are in the world, with access to our online portal! With excellent content and video resources, set assignments, as well as mentoring, drop-in sessions with real people and seminars, you will always be well supported and can complete the course confident in your new leadership skills, wherever that may take you.
We also understand that for some, having an accredited award is also necessary desirable. From our explore navigate or pioneer programmes there is the option to upgrade to the ILM Level 3 or Level 5 programmes.
Sharing ideas and the experience of discovering new things with others makes learning joyful and we think joyful is a good thing. We love social learning. Many of us learn by working through challenges and ideas with others. Whether it’s with friends, family or at work, we do this all the time to innovate and develop.
We want to make your leadership journey a fun one, so do get in touch if you are ready for a new challenge and would like to learn more.


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