Is Someone Getting The Best Of You

Is Someone Getting The Best Of You

The concept of “a job for life” seems to be long gone, and most people nowadays enjoy a varied career, and a wiggly career path. Here’s a common question: is this right time to consider a move?

Maybe the band Foo Fighters can help. We love the question in their song “Best of You”, “Is someone getting the best of you?”

If you are in a role where you often feel your work is not getting the best of you, ask yourself why is that? Are you not being stretched by the role, or the organisation? Do you feel demotivated, and maybe even detached from what you do? Is there stuff getting in the way of achieving more?

A wiggly career path is OK.

Talk with friends or look at your LinkedIn connections and you’ll find that wiggly career paths are pretty normal nowadays. You shouldn’t feel deterred to explore a change of direction. Change may open up opportunities for new professional networks, more friendships and of course, rewarding work challenges and experiences. Of course, you may conclude that you love your current role, life just got in the way of you seeing it.

Stick or Twist?

What needs to change for you to give your best? It may be a simple, but frank, conversation with your manager to address areas where you feel your skills could be better utilised. That might be on a new project, or a different aspect of your role that you feel you could develop and be more involved in.

You may of course conclude that it is time to move on to something new, and that is fine too. Before making a hasty decision, ask yourself what it is that you are missing where you are now? Then you will be better equipped with an understanding about what it is you are looking for, and put the steps in place to make that happen.

The decision to stick or twist is yours. Thanks for the inspiration Foo Fighters!

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