Be part of the Learn Love Look Ahead Community

Be part of the Learn Love Look Ahead Community


We are extremely proud of the courses that we offer here at Learn Love Look Ahead and pride ourselves on the unique and individual approach that we take with all our students. We have developed our courses to encompass great teaching points in an engaging and accessible way, which includes online lessons, seminars and catch-ups. We understand that feeling like you are part of something is an important part of doing a leadership course. Something that we encourage, and has, it could be argued, become even more important over the past couple of years is the idea of community.

We do not like to dwell on what has been, but by experiencing a pandemic, we are able to take the positive learnings from what we have lived through. One of the most salient lessons highlighted was the need we have for community. At Learn Love Look Ahead, we are excited that we can create a community; a positive place for our students to belong to, to learn and enhance their learning and overall experience of the course.

Sharing ideas and the experience of discovering new things with others makes learning a joyful experience and we think joyful is a wonderful thing. If you are enjoying what you are learning and how you are learning, you will undoubtedly gain more from the entire experience, and in turn, will come out with a strong set of leadership skills. We also love social learning, especially after COVID!

There is something incredibly special about being in–person with someone in the same room, which enables a different type of learning experience. We like this variation between online and in-person as we believe that there is a place for both types of learning, and by incorporating both elements, we are confident that our students benefit.


Our seminars range from speaker events and opportunities to meeting others where you can ask questions about something you are interested in. Some of our seminars will be a series, others are one-offs. But all of them are about people getting together around ideas and solutions to help you with everyday leadership.


If you have a quick question or want to run an idea by us, you can join one of our regular drop-in sessions hosted by our team. Hear about the things that others are dealing with, keep your finger on the pulse, and learn something new. No booking necessary, and you are welcome to come for as long as you like!

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