Take Centre Stage in Your Own Show

Take Centre Stage in Your Own Show

Life can be extremely busy and overwhelming at times, with so much to do, so much we want to achieve and the pressures of everyday pushes and pulls. It can be easy to feel that things are out of our control. But sometimes, all it takes is a small spark of motivation or inspiration that could be the leg-up that you need to go on to achieve something great.

There are very few people who don’t ever experience self-doubt. Even the most confident of people have these feelings at times. But sometimes opportunities arise and if you take those opportunities, you may just surprise yourself.

Embrace Self-Doubt

Someone I work with recently decided that she would get involved in an amateur dramatics production. Her son is studying theatre at college and wanted to audition for the show and had asked if she would join him. Having not acted in anything since she was in school herself, when she walked into the audition and subsequently joined the theatre company, for the first couple of months she had massive imposter syndrome. All the people who surrounded her had been in many productions before, her son knew what he was doing, and she was basically “winging it”.

After sticking at it, learning the songs (which she was more comfortable with) and practicing the scenes more and more, she started to realise that she could do it and started to feel more at home, and less like an imposter and really enjoyed herself. The outcome was that she made some great new friends and found new confidence that she didn’t have before.

Lead The Way

The point is, sometimes it is worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Granted, things may not always go to plan, but you never know until you put yourself in that new situation or position. You may doubt yourself as a leader, but if you make the time to understand the basics of leadership, your own leadership style, how this can be altered in different situations and with different people, you will start to feel more comfortable in that position and it will feel more natural to you. Create your own experiences, they may be at work, in the community, with family and friends. By stepping up to new experiences, you will discover more about yourself, and what you can achieve.

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