Mentor Support

As well as individual learning, a hugely important aspect of all our courses is the one-to-one mentoring support we offer to all our learners. Independent learning is the basis of our courses, but pairing this with reflective exercises, the mentoring sessions allow our learners the opportunity to speak about what they have learnt and share their ideas on the subject in two-way conversations with a mentor, enhancing the learning experience, as a whole.

Always Available

We make it really easy for our learners to book a mentor session, and also are on the end of emails throughout the entirety of the course for any questions, queries or discussion points that learners may want to raise.

In our one-to-one meeting we’ll discuss the leadership topics our learners have explored and how they relate to them as individuals.

It’s an opportunity to:

  • Ask questions and share thoughts and ideas
  • Plan the things they will do differently in the future
  • Prepare for the assignment work and get feedback.

Benefits to having a Mentor

There are many benefits to having a mentor when learning on our courses. We use these sessions as an opportunity to encourage and empower our learners in their personal development. It helps to identify areas that can lead to further consideration and increase confidence.

If you would like to find out more about any of our courses and how they work, click here. There are also many testimonial videos on our social media, where you can hear directly from one of our students how she found the course worked for her and how it is structured.

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