New year, new change management for leading your independent school

New year, new change management for leading your independent school?

Independent schools are facing challenges and pressure from all sides to change their ways of learning or risk losing out.

“Independent schools and their staff need to be up-to-date with the modern demands of education and more innovative ways of ensuring financial stability.”

But many institutions can be resistant to change, which makes managing change in schools a difficult task. If you are an integral part of the school’s leadership team (or want to be!), having an excellent grounding in change management – the people side of managing change – can be a real bonus when introducing new or different ways of working/learning. It applies to discussions with all your stakeholders, whether that’s your students, their parents or the educational/academic team.

Change management can be broken down into structured responses to help smooth over transitions by communicating why change is necessary as well as the plan and schedule for implementation. These include:

  • Identify problems and situations that are ripe for change
  • Clear planning for the implementation of your changes
  • Effective communication of the change to educate staff and stakeholders
  • Engage with those opposed or unsure of the change early
  • Think about how you will you evaluate the success

To affect and lead change, you need to have employability skills and the advisable approaches to leadership necessary to confidently make your voice heard and guide your teams to success.

Kick off the year right by enrolling in one of our courses suited for managers at the coal-face of making innovative developments. We will teach you about key leadership styles and behaviours for change management, including decision-making, effective communication and planning for any setbacks.

Our online learning modules offer flexibility with hours of learning resources and up to 12 mentoring sessions with change management leaders. You can pick our intermediate or advanced ILM courses to really hone your skills and make change happen.

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