What is your Theme Tune?

Most of us enjoy watching a good movie, and we’ve all seen it in films; that big power moment where the character enters a scene with a new purpose and a great soundtrack blaring behind them as they find meaning and bring the movie to a climax; think of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds in The Breakfast Club, or the theme music in “The Lord of The Rings”, or Muse’s “Super Massive Blackhole” in the baseball scene of the movie Twilight. Music affects our mood, how we feel, and sometimes what we do and how we behave.

Be the star in your own movie

What if you could choose your own theme tune? It would play every time you walked into a room to signify that you had arrived, and that something notable was about to happen – what song would you choose? If you have landed on a quiet and melancholy number, perhaps you should give some further thought…

Be Inspiring

Your theme tune should inspire you and evoke confidence in yourself, purpose and meaning, give you a stride in your step. Maybe an upbeat, positive song with uplifting lyrics?

Part of leadership is confidence, even if you must fake it before it comes naturally to you. Confidence comes with time, knowledge and experience. But by choosing yourself an inspiring theme tune, you may be able to get your head in that place and the rest will follow. It is just a fun way to try to encourage an inner confidence.

The point is, you are on your own journey, you are writing your own story, starring in your own movie! There is a line in the film ‘The Holiday’ starring Kate Winslet, where she is told that she should be playing the leading lady in her own life. This is true of all of us. We are all starring in our own movies, and should be the main role, and not the supporting character. Take the bull by the horns, start building on your confidence and believe that you can do what you set out to do.

Play your theme tune loud!

Pick a song that resonates with you and play it through your head when you are in situations that perhaps are out of your comfort zone, are new to you or you are maybe nervous about. Chairing a meeting, having an uncomfortable conversation, giving a presentation. Play your theme tune loudly in your head and you will find some confidence in yourself!

If you are struggling to find a theme tune, here are some uplifting ideas to inspire you…

Hall of Fame by The Script, Fight Song by Rachel Platten, Don’t be so hard on yourself by Jess Glynne, Unstoppable by Sia, I’m still standing by Elton John, Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag n Bone man.

Share with us what you have chosen! We’d love to hear!

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