What Does Your Role Entail?

I am an Assessor on the Learn, Love, Look Ahead qualifications.  This involves working closely with the learner to plan and select the best methods for producing the evidence required for achievement.  I support, encourage and guide the learner throughout the duration of their study. 

What Do You Love Most About The Job?

I love problem solving.   I like working closely with the learner to help them think of ways to address and resolve any issues they encounter as a leader or manager, which not only helps them in the workplace but also feeds into their qualification.  I work with a great team who are hard-working, dedicated and fun.

What Motivates You At Work?

According to Belbin, I am a ‘completer/finisher’.  I enjoy working with learners throughout their qualification, from the very beginning and towards the finish line of achievement.  I like ensuring no stone is left unturned in terms of learning and that the evidence provided by the learner reflects them in the best possible way.

Leadership Team

What Is Something Exciting That You Have Recently Done?

I’ve helped my daughter to plan and redecorate her new bedroom.  We researched, budgeted, painted and rearranged the layout to a much more teenager friendly space.  The finished room is so exquisite that I think I’ll involve her in future redesign projects.