What Does Your Role Entail

I’m responsible for our content and the learning experience on our courses and programmes. Like in most roles, I’m both leading and managing when I work with employers and learners. With a leader hat on, I explore the vision and direction they wish to take, checking that their goals are clear and exciting. Then with a manager hat on, I plan and deliver learning with the goals front and centre. Learning should enjoyable and rewarding, so I’m always exploring ideas for content and new ways of engaging people in what we do.

Leadership Mentor

What Do You Love Most About The Job?

Making new ideas relevant and easy for people to grasp…then seeing the magic happen. There are lots of academic models, stories and good ideas about leadership and management out there. I love collecting the shiny stuff. When I see or hear some something that will be useful for our learners, I pick it up. As trainers our challenge is to make knowledge ‘sticky’ for people. If it’s interesting enough and presented well, people will retain it. That’s my job.

What Motivates You At Work?

 Cake and knowing that people are capable of amazing things. We help people reach higher and travel further. Usually, the recipe and ingredients are simple: new ideas, skills and ways of working with others. Then we mix in the magic ingredient, a huge dollop of confidence! I hold a mirror up to people, so they see the talent and potential that I see. Then I help them help themselves. Seeing the progress happen so quickly is the icing on the cake. Did I mention cake?

Leadership motivation

What Is Something Exciting That You Have Recently Done?

 Helping my daughter explore the right option for her after she leaves school next year. We’ve discovered Apprenticeship degrees. They are a super idea: get a degree from a good university whilst working on-the-job. You earn, get practical experience and the employer will fund your degree. Apprenticeship degrees are another great option for young people after school. I also think they could change how we think about higher education with more social mobility and better student wellbeing just two of the benefits.


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