What Does Your Role Entail?

I advise businesses and individuals who are interested in our courses and qualifications, to ensure their specific needs are met.  I manage processes, organise events and generally ensure the smooth running of our learning programmes.  In addition, I work with the rest of the team on all aspects of our programmes, from concept through to trialing courses, before launching.  Every day is interesting.

Leadership Consultant Role

What Do You Love Most About The Job?

I love meeting new people, finding out about their training needs and working out how best to help them.  There’s lots of choice when it comes to training options but I am confident that our course content, delivery and support for learners stands us apart.  This makes it easy for me to guide potential customers toward achieving their development goals. In addition, I work alongside a great team.

What Motivates You At Work?

Knowing that I make a difference through enabling people to achieve and grow.  I get a huge buzz from guiding and supporting individuals to move forward in their role and career.  For some, completing a course is about refreshing their skills and knowledge.  For others it is all going to be new; learning, reflecting, growing and moving closer to reaching their full potential. 

Leadership Team

What Is Something Exciting That You Have Recently Done?

I bought a shed.  I know, I know!  This may not sound exciting to many but it is going to become my artist’s workshop.  The clay, the wheel, the paints and canvasses are ready and waiting and I’m looking forward to creating and making again, all from my own space.


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