Listening Up – The Art of Good Listening

How good are you are listening? And how do you know what good listening requires?

It sounds obvious to say that a good proportion of successful communication involves listening, whether face to face, over the phone or via video platforms.  Listening well is by far the best way to get the most out of any conversation so it makes sense to turn the skills dial up, especially now when more of our communication is electronic. Listening for most of us is something that we do every day and as such, competency in listening is an essential requirement for successful leaders and managers. Perhaps it is because it is so fundamental to our lives that we can lose sight of how important it is to evaluate our abilities in this area and improve when we need to.

At Learn, Love, Look Ahead we believe that effective listening is such a valuable and vital skill for everyone that we have an entire course dedicated to it. And hey, listen up!  It’s completely free!  But if you don’t want to tackle a short course just yet, let’s look at some of the principal points to consider when assessing your own aptitude for listening.

What is Good Listening?

The dictionary describes a good listener as

“Someone who listens carefully, attentively, and sympathetically, typically imparting support and understanding to the speaker:”

How do you do this?  Try the following

  • Be present – give your full attention.
  • Use body language – nod and smile to show your enthusiasm
  • Question, comment, recap – this shows that you heard and understood

It is through listening we share ideas, influence and cooperate with others. If you are not effectively listening, you can be perceived as failing to show respect, and this makes it difficult to earn trust. Like any other skill, we can get better with an understanding of what works well and learning from the experience and good practice of others.

FREE Listening Up course

If you’d like to know more, then follow the link below to our free “Listening Up” course where we will lead you through video content, self-reflection and action planning in order to improve your skills.  You will cover the fundamentals of hearing and listening, measure your current skills, learn the power of active listening and glean tips to help you listen actively.

Ready to  become a better listener and enhance your skillset?  Get in touch or find out more

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