What Does Your Role Entail?

 My role covers all aspects of the quality of delivery and assessment across the qualifications offered, and all the awarding organisations we deal with. I also work closely with the team to consider other qualifications or unit groups to provide bespoke solutions for businesses, working with the employers to identify suitable content, delivery options and different assessment opportunities.

Quality Assurance Role

What Do You Love Most About The Job?

 I am quite analytical so making sure that all our systems and processes meet the quality guidelines is paramount for me. I also love working with our very talented ‘coffee and cake-driven’ team, sharing best practice to provide well thought out solutions for our customers.

What Motivates You At Work?

 I enjoy knowing that we make a difference to people – helping them to develop and be the very best they can be, and guiding them towards the successful achievement of their goals.

Learn Love look Ahead Team

What Is Something Exciting That You Have Recently Done?

 This is a difficult one. I love buying things at auction and I have recently bought two vintage deckchairs that I have mended, cleaned, varnished and recovered for my son’s birthday. They look amazing, even though I say so myself.


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